Mitch VanDoff

Fine Live Music: Solo(Guitar and Vocal) to 5 Pieces

How it started

In the past couple of years I discovered that I had a talent for creating art out of driftwood that I found on the beachs that I frequent. Mainly Long Beach and Gilgo Beach just east of Jones Beach. I am only now starting to show my pieces to the world and would appreciate advice, encouragement and constructive criticism.

Until now all my pieces have been my babies and I had no desire to sell them to anyone but recent events have brought an epiphany upon me. You see, my house in Amityville susutained a lot of damage in Hurricane Sandy. We had to rip out the kitchen, among other rooms, because of water damage. The kitchen cabinets were put in by the previous owner of the house and on each and everyone was written the style of the cabinet because it was a big group. The style of the cabinets is Driftwood! Fucking crazy right?

So now I know what my calling is. If I can't read this handwriting on the wall I may as well pack it all in.

We are still in rebuilding mode and I have to look at these kitchen cabinets everyday still.

While we all rebuild in one way or another I will go on making something out of the pieces that I find on the beach and in the world

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Statue of Liberty - $495.00

Driftwood Statue of Liberty-Made from driftwood that I collected after Hurricane Sandy on Gilgo Beach and Long Beach in New York.

The Artist and his handiwork.

Defend Innocence $195.00

Driftwood wall hanging

Driftwood Sailfish - $750

Driftwood wall hanging. Made from driftwood collected on the shores of Long Island.